Managing a company has always been a risky business. More so now as we operate in a complex world full of interdependencies and linkages, where global factors often have direct local impact and local decisions may often have global and unforeseen implications. Not all business decisions are profitable; indeed, we understand that loss making decisions are inevitable in business. The key to success is controlling and minimizing the impact of such decisions. Accordingly, we believe that minimizing losses is as important in business management as finding profitable opportunities and therefore we view risk management as one of the most important service that we provide to our clients.

While our clients have excellent knowledge of their core business, they often require support in decisions relating to business planning and strategy development, ongoing business review, process improvement, loss mitigation, assessment and actualization of new opportunities. The work we do in this regard can comprise a wide spectrum of services including –

  • Strategy study – defining the stakeholders’ vision and mission, corresponding objectives and a detailed strategy for achieving the stated vision.
  • Feasibility study – required mainly for assessing new projects, a feasibility study includes demand assessment and determination of project viability. On acceptance of a feasibility study by the Board and financing authorities, the management may commission a Business Plan detailing a plan of action for implementing the project.
  • Business plan – a 3 to 5 year plan for the entire company or a part of its operations detailing its business model, the resource and capital requirement, projected financials and investment.
  • Market research – often required as the first step in a Feasibility Study or a Business Plan compilation, market research involves acquisition and analysis of primary and secondary data for determining product or service demand and quantification of the demand based on agreed assumptions and scenarios. For secondary research we use reliable sources such as Ministries, Industry & Trade Associations and Regulatory Authorities. Primary research includes consumer surveys as well as structured interviews with industry sources and contacts.
  • Start up assistance – following on from an approved feasibility or a business plan, we assist management in actualizing the opportunity. Our support takes the form of assistance in agreeing commercial terms with counterparties such as franchisors and joint venture partners, working alongside client legal consultants to finalize agreements, Executive Search and recruitment and Organisation Structuring.
  • Internal audit and Compliance reviews – this involves ongoing reviews of adequacy of controls as well as compliance with established controls. Such assignments are carried out through a systematic review of a company over the audit period to cover all its functions. Such a review highlights control weaknesses and instances of noncompliance enabling management to take corrective action.
  • Diagnostic reviews – review of particular functions of a company or the entire company to identify problems and bottlenecks. Comprising a high level assessment of the business model, the processes, the organization structure, competency of key resources and technology utilization, such a review and focuses on diagnosing the main issues that are contributing to adverse financial conditions or inefficiencies. After acceptance of our diagnostic review recommendations, management may request our services in implementing those recommendations which often involves Organisation Structuring or other forms of Business Assistance.

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