The economic meltdown of 2008 was a turning point for many companies. Within a very short period financing costs increased substantially, bank facilities were severely curtailed, demand for goods and services dropped sharply and asset values plummeted to their lowest. These general as well as specific risk factors originating from the economic downturn pose considerable ongoing challenges for company boards and management.

The immediate concern is always of short term liquidity and survival. However, the short term corrective measures invariably have a bearing on the mid to long term profitability and viability of the entity. It is therefore important to carefully consider the implications of current decisions and to establish and successfully execute a robust plan of action that allows management to address the general as well as company specific issues maximizing stakeholder value.

We support clients by identifying and anticipating risks that may have a financial bearing and assist them in addressing those risks through proper planning and proactive action. The process normally involves understanding management vision and aligning financial strategy within the constraints of available resources and capabilities. To achieve this we analyze current cash flow requirements and available sources, opportunities for minimizing and/or extending cash outflow commitments while identifying new sources of cash inflows. Based on such a review we recommend a mid to long term plan that is discussed and agreed with client management.

Going beyond the conventional consultancy assignment, we assist clients in implementing the agreed plan. This typically results in establishing an optimum capital structure, often leading to enhanced value, equity and net worth. The specific areas and activities where we assist our client include –

  • identifying areas and avenues for synergy and cost savings
  • assisting clients in maximizing existing and potential new sources of income and tapping alternative modes of financing
  • recommending structural, process and/or organizational changes to maximize revenues and minimize costs assisting in developing cash flow projections based on available information and discussing what if scenarios with client management
  • strategizing the approach for dealing with existing and new financial institutions
  • together with client management, participating in negotiations with banks and assisting in correspondence with them with the objective of reducing average borrowing costs and aligning loan maturities to cash inflows
  • segregating asset classes in order to consider liquidation of underperforming assets and divestiture of unprofitable investments

In summary, in Financial Structuring our role encompasses all aspects of financial management and includes in addition to consultancy and advisory support, assistance in applying and implementing our recommendations.

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