It is universally accepted that successful organizations are those that employ the right people and deploy them in a way where individual aspirations and corporate objectives are aligned. However, in most companies organization structures remain the weak link between strategy making and its successful implementation. Establishing an optimal organization structure responsive to the ever changing needs of the marketplace is an ongoing process that starts from defining a structure with the appropriate levels of authority delegation and centralised risk management as well as performance assessment and reward mechanisms.

We help clients develop structures that enable their people to realize their full potential and enable business leaders to transform strategy into reality. Our work normally starts from understanding the client organisation from a business perspective identifying the key processes, the main business drivers and related risks. We go beyond the documented structures to identify the informal bondings and unwritten structures which define a company culture and its organisational dynamics. Marrying organisational analysis with the organisation’s financial performance we develop recommendations for structural changes and assist in developing the appropriate documentation for implementing the approved recommendations.

Our assistance includes –

  • Defining company vision, mission and organisation structure,
  • Job assessment, grading and designations structure,
  • Developing job descriptions in line with the approved organisation structure,
  • Corporate governance and compliance structures, including organisational hierarchy and delegation of authorities,
  • Operational policies and processes,
  • HR policies and procedures,
  • Performance assessment procedures and reward structures,
  • Compensation review and structuring.

Our goal is not only to make recommendations but also to help in their implementation. We therefore support clients by providing actionable outcomes with short and long term solutions. As such we focus on making change happen and help people and organizations realize their potential. Such support can take several forms and often includes assistance in communication of change, compliance reviews and audits, assistance in resource hiring and staff secondments for temporary periods.

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