Efficient markets theory assumes that prices reflect all known information leaving no opportunity for incremental gain by better, smarter or more informed decision making. In practice, our clients realize that even in the most efficient of markets there are always opportunities that enable them to create value for their organizations. Such opportunities can take many forms and include merger and acquisition transactions, divestments and joint ventures, distressed and restructuring opportunities, corporate spin-offs and split-ups. The key success drivers in all such transactions start with the valuation of the acquisition or divestment and include winning negotiations, efficient structuring and careful planning and execution of transaction to achieve synergies.

We support our clients all the way in achieving their goals. Beyond simple enterprise valuation, we focus on understanding legal, interpersonal and strategic forces impacting complex deals. Our assessment is based on our analysis and research and ultimately relies on the expertise and judgment of the firm's senior management team, drawing on their decades of experience in supporting such transactions. We go beyond valuation and due diligence and support our clients in all aspects of the transaction with the primary focus to achieve a favorable outcome.

Our services include –

  • Valuation – we assist clients by carrying out an independent valuation on a going concern basis, of the business entity or segment being acquired or divested. Our emphasis is on going beyond the balance sheet values to identify implicit value drivers as well as potential risks that might adversely impact value. We then consider organization value from the perspective of our client advising on the advantages and disadvantages of the transaction from their perspective to enable them to take a considered decision.
  • Due diligence – audited accounts are normally not sufficient for acquisition decision as the focus of the auditors is financial reporting rather than supporting acquisition decision. We carry out a detailed due diligence at the valuation stage or post valuation but prior to acquisition to provide comfort regarding the existence and proper valuation of tangible assets and to identify liabilities including off balance sheet and contingent liabilities. Our due diligence report forms the basis of transaction structure and terms.
  • Transaction support – we can assist clients with both, buy-side and sell-side of the transaction including introduction to potential buyer/seller and/or other parties who could provide equity or debt finance. Transaction support also includes assistance with structuring transactions including advice regarding acquisition/divestment terms, ongoing management involvement after sale, other representations and warranties. In this regard we work with client management and with legal consultants to ensure that the agreed structure is properly reflected in the final deal and any due diligence points and concerns are adequately addressed.

We can also assist in developing appropriate documentation such as placement memoranda for raising equity and can co-ordinate efforts with our London office to provide a comprehensive and valuable service to our clients.

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