Textile trading group – over an 18 months assignment we assisted the group by preparing and implementing a cash management strategy for an orderly realization of assets and reduction of liabilities. Our role included extensive communications with banks and third parties culminating in the transfer of assets and corresponding liabilities to another party and the restructuring of remaining liabilities. In total, liabilities in excess of AED 350 m were successfully restructured.

Major trading and contracting group – assisted the group to restructure relationships with more than 10 banks and liabilities in excess of AED 700 m, to rationalize cash flow sources and related liabilities and closing loss making entities. Successfully agreed with banks to restructure commitments and restore financing for ongoing projects.

Hospitality and property investments group – ongoing correspondence with a bank to support restructuring of overdue liabilities (in excess of AED 550 m) in line with client cash flows.

Property development joint stock company – ongoing assistance to client to raise AED 400 m through a combination of bank and strategic investor financing for project development.

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