How We Work


  • Understanding client needs
  • Achieving client objectives
  • Relationship of trust
  • Agreed scope
  • Practical and workable solutions
  • Client feedback
  • Competitive and realistic fees
  • Flexible billing arrangements

Understanding Client Needs

At the outset we develop a thorough understanding our clients’ needs and expectations and offer a professional and discrete service that focuses on addressing those needs to meet and exceed client expectations. We work closely with our affiliates and associates where required to provide our clients a seamless value add service at a reasonable price.

Achieving client objectives

We take a holistic view of client requirements and are always prepared to go beyond the assignment to ensure that our clients achieve their objectives. In doing so we are constantly on the lookout for solutions that drive value and cost-benefit - highlighting issues as well as possible solutions to help mitigate related risks.

Relationship of Trust

We believe it is important to establish a relationship of trust with our clients that allows them to share their concerns and for us to deliver a service that is seen as providing value. As such, before we start work, we discuss our clients’ service requirements and budgetary constraints, if any, and agree a package appropriate for their needs.

Agreed Scope

The scope is formalised in an arrangement letter that documents our understanding of client needs and forms a basis on which our work can be assessed.

Practical and workable solutions

We aim to provide objective and independent advice that goes beyond financial parameters and covers business risks as well as operational and organisational considerations. As such, we are always mindful of suggesting only those solutions that are practical and workable and wherever required, we also work with our clients to ensure effective implementation achieving pre-defined goals.

Client feedback

We seek client feedback after completion of work to ensure that the services we provide are in line with and exceed client expectations.

Competitive and Realistic Fees

Our Fees are based on the time required to carry out our work, evaluated at rates appropriate to the experience of the personnel assigned and out-of-pocket expenses, if any. We are aware that the fee that we charge for our services should be both competitive and realistic, reflecting our enthusiasm for working with our clients. Accordingly, we set our fee at levels that enable us to provide the high quality service that our clients are entitled to expect from us.

Flexible billing arrangements

We normally agree a lump sum fees comprising a suitable advance followed by milestone based billing. However, depending on the nature of work and client requirements we are also open to working on a time or success based fee arrangement.