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vat dubai

VAT in Dubai – How It Works

VAT applies to the majority of transactions in goods and services with an exemption for limited transactions. It also applies equally to tax-registered businesses managed on the UAE mainland and in the free zones. Read the article to learn more about VAT in Dubai and UAE.

tax agent in uae

Tax Agent in UAE: Everything You Need to Know

A tax agent in UAE is a person registered with the tax authorities who represents their clients in front of the tax authorities when they authorize a tax agent to do so. Read the article to find out if you need tax agent services for your business.

financial controler

Financial Controller: Benefits of Outsourcing Controller Services

Whether you are a startup or an established business, you need appropriate financial leadership. A financial controller can help get all of your finances in order and avoid lots of problems. And outsourcing controller services can be even a smarter move for your business.

external audit

External Audit: Why Do You Need It?

Wondering how your company can benefit from an external audit? In this article, we discuss how external audit differs from internal audit and explain its purpose and essential steps. You’ll also learn how your business can benefit from using external audit services.