VAT Certificate in the UAE: a Comprehensive Guide

vat certificate

VAT Certificate is an official document that proves that you are properly registered for VAT. It is issued by tax authorities in the UAE to document details of a tax registered business. You receive it once your VAT registration is completed successfully. Read the article to learn more about this important document and how you can get it.

What Is the VAT Certificate UAE?

VAT registration is a mandatory step for companies and individuals doing business in the UAE. The VAT Certificate UAE is a document that serves as an official confirmation that a business entity is registered under the VAT law for the purpose of tax collection at every step of product development. This certificate is the final step in the VAT registration process. The document is issued by the Federal Tax Authority and carries a unique number referred to as Tax Registration Number, often referred to as TRN, that is evidence of the entity having been already registered for VAT.

In other words, the VAT certificate in the UAE is proof of business entities have been registered under the UAE Tax Law, and it assures third parties, such as customers, suppliers and service providers that the business entity is recognized and registered for VAT.

The VAT certificate contains the following important information:

  • Name, registered address and telephone number of VAT registrant
  • TRN number
  • Effective registration date
  • First VAT return period and VAT return due date
  • Start and end dates of tax periods

VAT Registration Certificate: How to Apply

In the UAE, businesses whose annual turnover exceeds the mandatory registration threshold of AED 375,000 and the voluntary registration threshold of AED 187,500 are allowed to apply for VAT registration. They can do it only online on the FTA portal. And after you complete the required registration information, you can apply for the VAT Registration Certificate.

Here is how you can do that. First, you have to create an e-Service account with FTA. You need to sign up, providing your e-mail details, and create a user name and password. To apply for VAT registration, you need to login into your e-Service account using your login credentials and click on the Register for VAT button to start the registration process. You should read the VAT Getting Started Guide to get a better idea of certain important requirements and the information you should have to provide.

You have to follow certain steps – you need to complete the registration form that contains eight sections, such as

  • About the applicant
  • Details of the business/entity to be registered
  • Contact details
  • Banking details
  • Business relationships (optional)
  • About the VAT registration
  • Declaration
  • Review & submit

You can track your progress as you fill out the form. The section which is in progress or in which you are updating the details will be denoted by the brown color, and the completed sections will be denoted in blue with a tick mark of green color.

Keep in mind that you can move to the next sections only when you fill out all the mandatory fields of the current section. All of them are marked with a red asterisk (*)if one or some of the mandatory fields are not filled out. The portal is designed to alert you with a pop-up message indicating the relevant fields where you need to enter your details.

When you finish completing the registration form, you need to review all the details in all the sections, verify them, and complete the registration process by clicking the Submit for Approval button. Remember: you should submit only if you are certain that all of the information is correct.

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How to Download VAT Certificate in UAE

So how to get your certificate? There is a certain procedure. You need to submit your application via the Ministry of Finance (MoF) website or smartphone application. This service requires users to have an e-mail address and an account on the MoF website. They also have to complete the relevant application form. This service is available for government entities, private sector companies, and individuals. You will need to wait for three working days until your request is processed, and then your certificate will be delivered to you by express courier.

How to download VAT Certificate in UAE? You can get a hard copy of the Tax Registration Certificate if you follow such procedures.

  • Send an e-mail to the FTA Certificate Department with your TRN (Tax Registration Number) and a request to issue a hard copy of the VAT Certificate in favor of the company.
  • In response to your application, FTA will provide you with a Request Number, which you will use for making payments on the FTA portal for the fees.
  • The fee for this service is AED 500. Make your payment on the FTA portal and receive a payment reference number. You can use an E-Dirham card or other debit or credit cards.
  • Send the payment reference number to FTA via e-mail, replying to the e-mail address, which provided you with the request number.
  • Receive the hard copy of the Tax Registration Certificate – the FTA will print it and send it to the applicant’s address that was provided during the registration process.

You will need to fill out different documents and details during the registration procedure, and arranging the information accurately requires knowledge and persistence.

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